KRAV GEARS is a leader in contact combat equipment, customized fighters gears & apparel. Founded by fighters, for Krav Maga, Mix Martial Artists, Muay Thai and Boxers. As well as Fitness enthusiasts from around the world. KRAV GEARS supplies protective gears for all fighters.


Passionate about Muay Thai and Krav Maga. Since 2010, we’ve tried many protective gears. Which has give us expertise to determine what are the best options for contact combat. We had struggles in the past to find customized gears. From simple things as training shirts, rash guards. Or gears for our gyms and for contact combat organizations worldwide. 

Based in Thailand, we partner and distribute the best Thai made brands. We produce as well our own fighters gears and apparel.

Our selection of gears are perfect for Muay Thai, MMA and Krav Maga. Our gloves selection made especially for neck clinch. Our products included fighting gloves, protective gears and pads. Apparel such as club training tee-shirt, rash guard, and fight shorts. 

We source our products ourselves from the factory. We produce and ship training gears for fighters worldwide. 



Quality is one of the most important aspect of our company values. As fighters we like quality gears, we visited every factory where our gears are manufactured as well as every brands factory products we offers on our shop.


Krav Maga, Muay Thai and MMA practitioners, daily, we are using fighting gears. Our years of experiences training and seeing different brands quality been used by others fighters gave us the right knowledge and feedback about products quality.


This is one of the key for our fighting community, we stay in touch with our clients and training partners to ensure delivery, quality and products customization. Long relationship and trust with martial artists, clubs & self-defense organization are our best rewards.